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Message from the President


Takehiro Sakanoue

We sell products that are made with effort and with the intention of considering the customer's needs. Good products always give customers a comfortable feeling and satisfaction. We responsibly sell such products to as many people as possible.


We will strive to make everyone happy while being happy. Up until now, I have been working on the business with the motto, "I will keep on working hard and keep on appreciating all the help I get.


Company Name:              Crossea

Establishment:                 April 1, 2020

President:                       Takehiro Sakanoue

total sales in 2020

Yahoo! Shopping and Amazon: ¥ 150,000,000


Headquarters:Minamimachi, Nishi-Tokyo, Tokyo 5-12-4

USA Branch:   Los Angeles, California


Japan Head Office

Telephone:         050-3591-6491

Fax:                     042-455-5706

E-mail:                info.crossea.co.jp


Mizuho Bank


"Running a new era and connecting the products with the highest value through logistics"

In an era of abundant things, there are many times when it is not possible to reach the customers who really need it because valuable things are not recognized. 


We put both the manufacturers and customers as our priority. So we are working to connect the two and provide a great service that would make them satisfied. In order for a product to reach its maximum value, I believe it needs to reach the customers. By using all conditions such as sales location, timing, approach method, we can accurately guide the product to the customers. In this way, the product can reach its maximum value. 

We will provide valuable services to the society by accurately approaching the differences in each customer's needs, taking advantage of online that can be reach anywhere in Japan and around the world. 


With the development of the Internet in recent years and the rapidly changing society in which the sales methods of goods are diversifying, we will continue to contribute to society by constantly pursuing cutting-edge logistics.




Wholesale business for domestic general distributors.



Importing new, interesting, and creative products from overseas to Japan.  Selling domestically. We will contribute to enrich your life .


We will spread the Japanese culture and brands overseas to share to the world the goodness of Japan.

Online goods sales using domestic and overseas crowdfunding sites

“Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.” -Ryunosuke Satoro

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Minamimachi, Nishi-Tokyo, Tokyo 5-12-4

050-3591-6491 |info@crossea.co.jp

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