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Crossea Japan
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total sales in 2020

Yahoo! Shopping and Amazon: ¥ 150,000,000

Crossea is more than about importation and domestic wholesale

We partner with manufacturers passionate about making outstanding products that have the customers' wants and needs in mind.

Your company together with your employees have worked long hours to come up with ideas about what product to make. Not to mention the effort and passion that you all put in to make sure that your product will be safe, perfect, and would cater to all the needs and desires of your customers. 

We at Crossea knows that creating an excellent product is not the end of the process. We understand how difficult it is to bring your product successfully to the foreign markets. This is where we come in. Our team is comprised of designers, marketing, and sales professionals who have worked in both Japan and the US. We want to be your dedicated partner for launching your product in Japan.

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